Fun with a vintage-styled mirror my mum gave me. I love letting my sister take over the camera because she gets me. She gets how I really want to be beautiful while still looking like me and somehow it always comes out art

to a new year!
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i am more than happy to leave behind both such an awesome and hard year! so far it has been a great start (2 hrs is more than enough to be a great start for me)

the only thing that has been like ‘what?’ so far is that around the bonfire my family had …my dad had amazing words to say about everyone (speeches even)

but when it was my turn it was pretty much just

"you’re my oldest daughter.remember what i said and remembe me in your children’

thanks dad hahaha, i tried to not laugh at the contrast between my ‘encouragement’ and everyone else at the time because it really was hilarious. i mean i’m sure he had more to say  he just couldn’t remember (not in the greatest state of mind, it’s new years after all). i’lll just take it as some sort of legacy thing, sounds great to me ^_^

the rest of the evening (feels odd to call it the rest of the evening) was a blast. i am hopeful to this year :). i plan to blog more often this year .anywho, goodnight aaand good morning!

Friends with the besst

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And so its me... rebeca-livinginlightNot entirely sure what ill tumble. Could be stories from my past or made up stuff. Ill see if any one can tell the difference :P Pictures,songs, thoughts etc.


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